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    A more efficient & reliable network for your business tech needs. More security. More Uptime. More Profitability.

    Structured Network Cabling Introduction:

    What Is Structured Cabling?

    Today’s business technology is constantly improving. New tools can make your business more productive, secure, and profitable, but only if they have the right network to support them. A well-planned network will allow you to focus on running your business, rather than worrying about the tech behind your business.

    Structured network cabling is the critical backbone that drives your business communication and computer systems. As more technology moves to IP-based systems, a properly designed and implemented communications infrastructure becomes even more critical. Though originally used for phone systems and computer, today your communications cabling now runs security systems, AV systems, building automation, and of course, VOIP phone systems and your computer network.

    Structured network cabling system in lake forest CA business

    Structured Network Cabling vs. Old Network Setup

    Old network cabling was a jumbled mess of wiring and cables that were difficult to track, difficult to modify, and dangerous, as they could be accidentally unplugged or present a safety hazard for tripping. As today’s businesses require more speed and more bandwidth, structured cabling systems using Cat 5e, Cat 6, and fiber optic cabling came into use and are now the best solution for a business’s network.

    old network cable setup
    Old network infrastructure was a tangled mess of wires.

    Massive amount of data and run through your network cabling. A well-designed system can meet current needs and make sure your business is ready for future growth. Today’s structured network cabling is an infrastructure made of standardized elements, and it’s this kind of network cabling that can easily grow and scale to support new hardware and business technology improvements.

    Structured Cabling Systems & Subsystems

    Despite their name, network cabling systems are not only the cables that run through your building. Each system is made of subsystems that work together to make the most efficient technology backbone for your business.

    A typical structured network system will have these pieces:

    network room server rack lake forest business installed by com-tec communications
    Network Equipment Room

                    An entrance facility: The point where your internet service provider’s wiring ends and your business’s begins.

                    An equipment room: The room where equipment such as server racks, routers, network cabinets and hardware ports are located.

                    Horizontal Cabling: The cables connecting the equipment room to workspaces and outlets.

                    Work Area Components: Connections between employee workstations or conference room hardware and the outlets.

    Designing and Installing Your Network Structure

    Designing your system’s layout and structure is one of the most important steps of the process. We will create a custom plan for the overall system design and the location of each of the network pieces in your cabling system.

    At your first appointment with Com-Tec Communications we will come to your facility and asses your current network layout. We’ll draw a blueprint of your building layout, property boundaries, and existing and planned workspaces.

    Then, we’ll talk with you about your current business needs and plans for future growth. We can help you plan where future workstations, wifi access points, cameras, access points, and phone drops will need to go. Then we’ll plan for the energy and speed the network will need to be able to support all your components.

    Finally, we’ll plan locations for other network components, like server racks, phone trees, cabinets, and security components. The ultimate goal is to design a clean and streamlined layout that to replace the nest of wires you’re currently dealing with.

    Once the planning is complete, our experienced team of installers and cabling technicians will execute your system’s plan. Our teams have a superior reputation for providing on-time and on-budget completion of every project. You can be sure every component will be installed, labeled, and tested accurately during the installation. Finally, you’ll enjoy more network security and uptime, leading to more profitability and efficiency in with your new structured cabling system.

    Ready to have your new network installed? Book an appointment here:

    The 5 Benefits to Structured Cabling

    labeled network cables showing neat clean installation
    Every cable in your system will be labeled for ease of troubleshooting & repair.


    Structured cabling by Com-Tec Communications is the best way to organize your organization’s network. Instead of a tangled jumble of wires, you’ll have a neat, clean network setup with easily identifiable and repairable components.


    Structured network systems are designed to grow as your business grows, and they are laid out in such a way that moving components or adding work stations is simple and straightforward.

    More Uptime

    A structured network with carefully planned placements and neatly labeled components means less downtime trying to troubleshoot a problem cable or find a disconnected connector. Less downtime for your system means more uptime for your organization.


    As your business grows and new technology enters the workplace, it will be imperative to have a systems that can easily scale and expand with you. Structured network systems are designed to scale quickly and easily

    System Efficiency

    Structured network cabling supports all your tech systems, from VOIP phone systems to audio & video setups for today’s remote-work culture, with quick and reliable service.

    Com-Tec Communications gives you a more efficient and reliable network for your business technology needs.

    Why Work with Com-Tec Communications

    Advantages to working with Com-Tec:
    • Single-source supervision of your entire cabling project from design through execution.
    • A complete custom design with an integrated solution: Design, elevation, and rack design.
    • Standards-based specifications and implementation.
    • Properly labeled and documented cabling for faster troubleshooting and decreased system downtime.
    Standards Compliance

    Com-Tec Communications works within national standards for uniform labeling, installation, testing and documentation, including TIA-568 standard for telecommunications cabling in commercial premises. Installing your network structure to TIA compliance standards means your network will always be backwards-compatible to older systems. Everything within the specifications of this standard is designed to ensure performance and reliability of your system.

    By following these standards, Com-Tec Communications can assure a uniform wiring system that supports multi-vendor products and environments.

    A more efficient & reliable network for your business tech. More security. More uptime. More profitability.

    Get started with your new system today.

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